April 5, 2011

Miss Martian Trivia

"Hello Megan!" I wanted to post some interesting facts about the Young Justice team memembers. Just so everyone can get more of an idea of who they are if your not already familiar with the characters. I will be doing others, but first Miss Martian :)

  • Miss Martian is technically the oldest member of the team as she is 48 years old in Earth years. However, by Martian comparison she would physiologically be 16 years old.

  • She has 12 sisters back on Mars

  • Miss Martian's codename, real name, and Earth name all start with the letter 'M'

  • She is the niece of the Martian Manhunter

  • She can change her form completely to alter her physical appearance, clothing and even mimic other people

  • Much of her personality and her appearance, seem to have been inspired by the title character of the TV series Hello Megan


  1. eu adoro ela eu sou a fã dela

  2. é muito legal quando ela fa alo megam


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