April 30, 2011

New Young Justice Episode!

Great news everyone! The new episode of Young Justice will be airing June 3, 2011, the episode is called "Targets". The summary of the show is: Red Arrow is on his own against the League of Shadows, until he is forced to make an unlikely alliance. THAT SOUNDS EXCITING! Who do you think his alliance will be with? Maybe he'll be in an alliance with Young Justice or Green Arrow, or maybe a villain? Either way I know it's going to be good! I'm happy the new episodes are closer than I thought, I was hearing crazy things like how no new episodes until 2012....ummm yeah that's crazy! Well all I have to say is "ABOUT TIME!" hahaha I miss Young Justice and that's why I'm glad I created this blog because even though there is no new episodes, we still are trying to keep Young Justice alive :) Leave a comment telling how you feel about the new episode coming and what you think will happen, I'm excited to read what others think!


    Red Arrow is my beeflecake~

    I assume he allies with Artemis because of the title.

  2. Hey, by the way, I hope it's okay if I named-dropped your blog in my last deviation on DA.

  3. Hey Red,
    I'm excited about the new episode too! I also think he's going to team up with artemis. and thanks so much for naming dropping! YAY! lol thanks for the support :)


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