April 29, 2011

Fan Fiction

Hello there, and for you readers who are British, Congrats (For the Royal Wedding)! Ya know, I really like posting fan fiction stories because I love to read and I want more people to get into reading fan fiction more. If any of you have a story you written about Young Justice and want to share it on the blog, let me know and i would love to put it on :) All of these fan fiction stories are from fan fiction.net and don't forget to read and review the stories. Also if you like the author subscribe to them :)

1.) "Dude Not Cool" by jessk13. A very funny and awesome story, I really enjoyed the dialogue and thought the characters stayed true to themselves :) Summary of the story: Robin was always good at imitations.Well one day he decides to stop an argument using his talent. Insane laughing insues. To read the story go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6939956/1/Dude_not_cool

2.) "Flash, Ice Cream, and The Batman" by Littleblackkitteh. Such a cute and interesting story, while reading I couldn't stop smiling, I love stories like this :) Summary of the story: "F-flash, t-took my ice cream!" Robin whimpered, looking at Batman with his big watery blue eyes. The Dark Knight crumbled instantly. To read this story go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6922564/1/Flash_Ice_cream_and_The_Batman

3.) "Running From Hate" by realistjoker. A very good story that I think everyone should read! It's very deep and has a moral lesson, i really recommend this story. The summary is: Due to prejudice facing him in Atlantis, young Kaldur decides to run away only to run into a certain sea witch. Can Aquaman help him out of his predicament? To read this story go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6942638/1/Running_from_Hate

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