May 2, 2011

Old polls closed, New polls are now up!

As you all might know, on the blog I put two polls about Young Justice for fun. The questions were, Who is your favorite Young Justice member? and Who do you want to see in a relationship? The two polls are now closed, but I must say I had a fun time looking at the votes and seeing the popular answers being chosen! I will posting two more poll questions that I'm excited to see how it will turn out. The new polls will be posted on the right side of the page and you'll notice the new questions. If you have any poll question ideas that you think would be great to share on the blog, let me know and I will post them :) Thanks everyone for voting! Here are the results:

For the Who is your favorite Young Justice member?....

  • Robin- Was the winner with 14 votes (40%)
  • Artemis- Second place with 10 votes (28%)
  • Kid Flash- Third place with 9 votes (25%)
  • AquaLad- Fourth place with 5 votes (14%)
  • Miss Martian- Fifth place with 4 votes (11%)
  • Superboy- Last place with 3 votes (8%)

For the Who do you want to see in a relationship?...

  • Artemis & Kid Flash- Won with 16 votes (59%)
  • Miss Martian & Superboy- Second place with 9 votes (33%)
  • Who cares about romance!- Third place with 4 votes (14%)
  • Miss Martian & Kid Flash- Last place with 1 vote (3%)

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