April 7, 2011

AquaLad Trivia

Here's another trivia post, this one is about AquaLad. I think I might do a trivia on Artemis next :)

  • Aqualad's Atlantean name, Kaldur'ahm

  • Aqualad is the only one who calls Miss Martian by her real name, M'gann

  • Aqualad's father is revealed to be the Black Manta, Aquaman's enemy

  • The glowing tattoos on Kaldur'ahm arms are abilities common to Atlantean citizens trained in magic and water manipulation

  • Kaldur'ahm is the only Atlantean so far in the show, to have visible gills and webbed feet and hands

  • In Young Justice, AquaLad obtained his eel tattoos by magic.

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