April 22, 2011

Fan Fiction Stories

Hey Ya'll! I keep finding more and more great fanfiction stories on Young Justice! I swear every night i read at least one fanfiction story before I go to bed... that's probably why I have dreams that I'm a super hero :p Once again I would like to thank everyone who allows me to post their creations on the blog, I'm very happy about that :) Also if any of you guys have written fanfiction stories and want them shown on here let me know by messaging me or leaving me a comment :) Here are some recommended fanfiction stories to read, and if you really like the stories, don't forget to subscribe to the author, review, and favorite their stories on http://www.fanfiction.net:

1.) "Doubt" by Illucida. This is a really great story and I thought it was really creative! I love the interaction between the characters, plus I love Wally :) The summary of the story is: When Wally discovers that he might be a big brother soon, he has some doubts. Megan is there to reassure him. To read the story go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6917583/1/Doubt

2.) "Theme Song" by FrankandJoe3. Anyone who reads this story will find how cute and funny it is! I thought it had a really creative and funny storyline. The summary of the story is: Wally tries to find a theme song for the Boy Wonder. To read, click the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6896323/1/Theme_Song

3.) "Cookies and Questions" by JustWhelmed. If anyone feels like reading a great story that involves romance and family, this is the one! I loved the interaction between Superboy and Miss Martian. The Summary of the story is: Conner is waiting on an answer from Superman and M'gann makes him cookies which they share and discuss different things. To read the story go here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6916918/1/Cookies_and_Questions

4.) "Blurt It Out!" by FlowerSun. Very good story! I loved the dialogue between the characters and I thought it was well written too :) The summary is: With a little help from Kid Flash, Superboy blurts out his feelings to his friends, not knowing Superman will hear him. To read the story click here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6808598/1/bBlurt_b_It_bOut_b

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  1. I am writing on behalf of Ben Wood.
    Ben has recently started his own fiction story site called Army of Puppets.


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