April 21, 2011

Young Justice Music Video

When I started this blog (like a month ago), I really wanted to have interesting, cool things to post. So I started posting Fanfiction stories, Fan art, Trivia answers, and Video reviews. Because I am constantly thinking how I can make the blog even more entertaining to the readers I decided to start posting music videos made by Young Justice fans. If any of you made a music video or know someone that has and would love to the see video on the blog, let me know and I will most def. post it! Here is the first music video ever posted on the blog :) Enjoy!

This music video is called "Kick Ass Young Justice [FULL]" created by YouTube user Ixelja. I really liked this video and I knew other Young Justice fans would like it too :) Ixelja has created more Young Justice videos and to check them out go to her YouTube homepage: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ixelja#p/c/0E8AE1EA9EBBC8AB. Thanks for letting me post your video, Ixelja :) Keep them videos coming cus i really enjoy them!

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