April 8, 2011

I got the Happy Meal toys!

I'm so happy right now, my mom pulled out a McDonald's bag, and I thought, "How come she's collecting fries?" lol, but then she pulled out the Young Justice Happy Meal toys!!! I was like OMG! hahaha, I was really shocked that she even got that for me :) I right now need three more toys to finish off the collection and tomorrow I will mostly like drive around San Diego looking for them! I like that the toys have movable limbs and actually shoot stuff. I feel like I big geek! I use to collect Lion King toys .... I was five years old .... but now I'm getting into collecting Young Justice stuff and I'm 19years old ;) Does anyone else have the happy meal toys? If so let me know what you think of them and what have you done with them? I plan on putting the toys on decorative shelves. Thanks mom for getting the Young Justice Happy Meal toys!♥

Also wanted to remind everyone if you want to see older posts that i written, go to the bottom of the page and push "older"

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