January 20, 2013

"True Colors" Review By ComicUno!

One of the people I like to watch give reviews is Comic Uno, who has her own show on YouTube and writes articles on the superhero world on multiple websites. Down below is her video on the most recent episode to air, which is Young Justice: Invasion "True Colors".

But before you watch her video, here's my mini-review: I really enjoyed watching this episode, I found it to be more entertaining then last weeks. One of my favorite things about the "True Colors" is the suspense it left, for example what will happen when Kaldur gets his mind read, and what does the Green Beetle have in store for Jamie? It's always interesting to see Robin (Tim) lead a mission, and Arsenal - well, he has a lot to work on lol. Overall, great episode and can't wait for next week's!

Comic Uno's Review

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