January 15, 2013

Christopher Jones' Young Justice Comic Book Issue #20 Drawings

Young Justice comic book artist, Christopher Jones, posted on his facebook three pictures of the art process for making a page in comic book issue #20. I would say this is one of my favorites from Christopher and the dialogue is hilarious. Here is what he posted on his facebook:

"Note the blank frame which I intended to fill with a Flying Graysons poster later!" -Christopher Jones
"Young Justice #20 page 2 inks - by me. The Flying Graysons poster is now in place, based on one seen in the show." - Christopher Jones

"Young Justice #20 page 2 - colors by Zac Atkinson, letters by Dezi Sienty. Dick Grayson, you DOG!" - Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones has a a lot more drawings and exclusive stuff on his website! Check them out here.

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