October 15, 2012

Sign The "Bring Back DC Nation" Petition!

There is an online petition called, "Bring Back DC Nation". The goal is to reach 10,000 signatures and right now the petition is at 7,986 signatures.  Just in this short time tons of Young Justice fans have already been signing and passing along the petition via internet.

I'll be signing it as soon as I'm done this with this post. I'm glad this was created since hopefully this will be another way Cartoon Network will know that Young Justice has a huge following and it isn't right to keep putting a well-written show on hiatus when we just got off one. Maybe soon they'll realize to think twice before rudely putting off YJ again.

*Here is where you can sign the petition*:



  1. It reached 10,000 today and is still climbing!

  2. The petition organizer, Sara Muftic, says that the next signature goal is 15,000 and that they're gonna keep adding 5,000 to the goal until Cartoon Network brings DC Nation back on the air or at least apologizes for its actions. Lately, the signings have been slow since they reached 10,000 and if we want to change things soon, we need to get it back into its early momentum. To those who haven't signed yet, please go to the link on this blog and then pass it on to everyone you know. As for those who have signed, please don't make repeats as this would undermine the petition's credibility; but do keep passing it on to more and more people.


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