October 16, 2012

Is There A Chance For A Third Season?

I follow Young Justice's artist Christopher Jones facebook page and I'm also his friend on facebook, still shocked about that one, and one of his recent posts was about if Young Justice will be returning for a third season.

The issue came up when voice actor Jason Marsden, who is Bart Allen aka Impluse, was asked in an interview if he would be returning for a third season, his response was,
"They finished production right now. They do half seasons. Season 1.0 where they introduced my character. Then there's another half season and that's going to be it."
There is speculation that Young Justice might not have a season three because two new DC comics shows will be premiering on Cartoon Network, Beware The Batman and Teen Titans Go!, and since there is only an hour block for DC Nation [on Cartoon Networ], they might want to air new shows. None of this has been confirmed by DC Comics, Warner Bros., and Cartoon Network but that is the talk swirling around.

Christopher Jones gave his opinion on the matter, here is some of his writing from his facebook page,
"The OTHER news I was frequently asked about and couldn't answer was speculation as to whether voice actor Rob (Impulse) Paulsen's comments during an interview mean that the show won't get a Season 3. Again, that's 100% a Cartoon Network decision and I've not heard them say anything official. "
"If the discontinuation is real and part of a "clearing of the decks" to fill the DC Nation block with Beware the Batman and the Teen Titans Go! revival in the Spring, wouldn't a 2-hour DC Nation block be better? ...."
to read more of what Christopher Jones has to say visit his facebook page.

This is surely a rollercoaster that I didn't pay to get on, what is everyone else's thoughts on this?


  1. I heard a rumor that YJ was pulled due to a lawsuit... something to do with the Milestone characters. Icon was removed from the cover of YJ comic #21...

    1. Yikes, there is so much that could be possibly true, it's confusing lol.

  2. I really don't want young justice to be cancelled. Its an amazing show with full potential. Why doesn't cartoon network see that. (Probably cuz the network is run by people with the mindset of a 12 year old). Look it what the little tweens did in the past 4 years.because of them twilight became popular-___- I just wish cn treated yj much better. This show is probably the only reason they are getting better ratings:) love young justice and love your blog!


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