July 6, 2012

4 New Episodes From "Not Young Just Us"

Young Justice podcast, Not Young Just Us, have been putting out new episodes almost everyday! Down below are the new episodes and their summaries, plus the link to listen to the episode.

Episode 29:  John and Dan talk about Young Justice Performace, Young Justice 19 (1998) and the 4in Rash Al Ghul figure. http://www.nerdcastnetwork.com/youngjustice/YJ29.mp3.

Episode 28: John and Dan talk about Young Justice Insecurity and Young Justice 18 (1998). http://www.nerdcastnetwork.com/youngjustice/YJ28.mp3.

Episode 27: John and Rachel talk about Young Justice Agendas, Young Justice 17 (1998) and the 4in Robin Alternate figure. http://www.nerdcastnetwork.com/youngjustice/YJ27.mp3.

Episode 26: John and Meg talk about Young Justice Image, Impulse 56 and the 4in Sportsmaster figure. http://www.nerdcastnetwork.com/youngjustice/YJ26.mp3.

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