June 21, 2012

Young Justice: Legacy Game Update

Young Justice: Legacy has a facebook page where sometimes questions about the video game is answered. There is a question that was answered recently which is, why there are only 3 players in the game.  I thought the question and answer was interesting, so I wanted to share it with everyone. Down below is the answer statement from the Young Justice: Legacy facebook page:
"There are multiple answers, but the decision came down to two main reasons:

1) After Season 1 in the show the Team splits into Alpha, Beta, and Gamma squads that are often comprised of 3 members each. So extending that mechanic into the game felt very natural.

2) Looking back at similar ARPG games, we found that single player mode felt very chaotic with 3 other non-player characters fighting enemies for you and running around the screen. After we cut the team size down to 3, it felt like a better single player experience. In fact everything in the game is designed for 3 characters, because our network and local multiplayer is "drop in / drop out". That means that even if you start a mission in single player mode, other players can quickly jump in by taking control of another character on your squad. They can also jump out turning over control of that character back to the AI before the mission has been completed without disrupting the game too much."

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  1. I'm so excited about this game, I need to play! I wanna know what happend in these 5 years!


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