June 20, 2012

FanFiction Recommendations

1. Meeting The Family by fanfiction.net writer IronicVeghead
Summary: A zeta tube accident leaves Artemis stranded in Central City, where Barry finds her and takes her to Wally's house until the zeta tubes are up and running again. While her boyfriend Wally has no idea she's there. Link to story - Meeting the Family.

2. Every Girl For Herself by fanfiction.net writer SafireIV.
Summary: She heard the jingle of the keys as they were set down on the counter, and the creak of the door as it opened. The light from the hallway flooded over her face. She kept her eyes squeezed shut. "Jade? Artemis?" It was her dad. Artemis carefully peeked and saw that her mom wasn't there. A shadow fell over her and she shut her eyes. Mom wasn't home. Link to story - Every Girl For Herself.

3. Fear by fanfiction.net writer teenagejustice.
Summary: Robin has a little father/daughter conversation. Link to story - Fear.

4. The Family Bonding Of Adopted Siblings by fanfiction.net writer flowersun.
Summary: One-shots of Miss Martian and Beast Boy and their brother-sister moments. Link to story - The Family Bonding Of Adopted Siblings.

5. Behind Blue Eyes by fanfiction.net writer batlover22.
Summary: Zatanna was thought to be dead,but now that she is back what will happen to the Leauge? What other secrets has she been hiding? Link to the story - Behind Blue Eyes.

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