March 27, 2012

Premiere Date For Season 2!

Good news!! Season 2 of Young Justice, Young Justice: Invasion, will start off with the first episode titled "Happy New Year" which will air April 28th, 2012! The new episode will pick up where the last episode, "Auld Acquaintance" of Season 1 left off.

The second episode of Season 2 title has been revealed also, and it's titled "Earthlings" and the episode will Premiere May 5th 2012.

I'll be posting the new episodes of Season 2 as they are released so be on the look out :)!


  1. krissy krissMarch 27, 2012

    yesssssssssssssss thanks kendra i can always count on you to give me the info :D

  2. That's so great! I just can't wait to see!! XD
    Always in time with the news Kendra!! *--*

    1. Thank you! Glad I put the news out for the readers :).

    Just ran into a spoiler clip that made me kind of mad. Not because it shows anything bad happening, but it shows something I figured was going to happen. I was like "Yay!" During the 1st part, but by the last actions I was like... "Predictable." So I hope this set up leads to some crazy drama/action in the future. The lovey stuff is super cute, but when everything about it seems so easy it isn't as gripping. (personally not a romance fan :P)
    Still I can never forget the fact of team members eventually dying so there is going to be some really-real heartache.

    On youtube it's titled "Kisses" & it has the New Years music playing in the background so at least I know where it's from & why they're where they are which was confusing until now, lol.
    Thank you for the info. Kendra. Sorry for my vague & obvious post. Hope this doesn't ruin anything for you, but it's been torturing me for days I had to talk about it!

    1. Oh wow sounds like there's going to be some exciting moments in the new season. I'm wondering if I should see it (the video "Kisses"). I mean I of course want to know what happens but at the same time I want to be patient. And it's all good, I'm glad for your comment!

    2. Well, that is a good spoiler! But, I don't think that this "kisses" is going to happen just in the new season... Rsrsrs. You guys have to wait to see! Wait until the last episode, the episode of the New Year! A lot of things happen in this episode! Is one of my favorites cuz Hawk Women (Shayera) is on the episode, and she's my favorite character! XD

    3. ahhhh, Now I wanna see it, but I don't have any access to youtube..... ahhhhh,
      Btw, is Auld Acquaintances a regular 22 min episode is it longer because its a season finale?

    4. Hmm I didn't even think about that, Idk if it'll be longer than 22 min. but it would great if it was though. Especially since other shows on CN sometimes get an hour showing.

    5. I think I know what bit you're talking about. Admittedly, it was predictable, but we were all waiting for it anyway. I loved "Auld Aquaintance" because it was a really big shock to the system. You'll have to wait and see what I mean.

      And, yeah, it's actually another regular 22-min episode. Surpringly because of all that happens. Greg and the crew are really good with their time management skills.

    6. No, it's a regular episode. 22 min! XD

    7. The spoiler is in...Turkish? The voicing is off when it comes to the lip-flaps. But I guarantee it'll make you squeal.

      The canon coupling is so set up XD
      It's got me full of "I really hope some crazy sh*t happens."
      The only reason a full team thing like this gets me just a lil bit (tho they do match up perfectly & I squealed for them, lol) I wish to list my reasoning.
      1) There is typically unrequited love, but here they just fall into perfect place. Boring.
      2) It feels so unrealistic to how romance really plays out when the entire series deals w/deep rooted issues these growing super heroes face.
      Couples fight, get jealous, say/do weird things... Will they all stay pristine as in never have conflicting personalities or break up or find they're not really in love but just caught up in being on this team?
      3) Where is the competition?! Will they find other crushes or have they had other relationships?
      4) Each having another leaves no outward attempts at relationships or follies w/someone outside the group or even a person who only knows their real identities they risk being discovered...dun-dun-dun...

      Course I could do a whole why I love them list, too, but a lil conflict is more interesting, lol.
      Don't ever get me wrong my love for this series gives me great devotion to enjoying everything the characters do & the great plot that follows. I'll wuv them no matter what.

      Plus I've been wondering this like in Teen Titans will there be other up and coming super villains introduced that are in their age group (other than the Terrors)?
      I really hope so!

  4. After Invasion, will there be a third season well?

    1. I don't know if a third season has been confirmed but the producers and CN might wait to see how the ratings for season 2 go.

  5. Oh my god, Kendra! You really are amazing. I mean, I knew that we were going to have the new season start in April, but to actually see the confirmation makes me so giddy. Especially since we know that episode two will premiere the week after (so no waiting involved). I wonder what episode one will be about. God, the suspense is killing me. Now that I know what happens in the end of season one, I'm dying to know what happens next. Here's hoping that we have some mentor/protoge interactions and stuff *crosses fingers*


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