March 29, 2012

Fan Fiction Recommendations

I bring to you a new batch of 4 fanfiction stories I thought were very entertaining to read. I added the rating of the stories and I wrote what each rating stands. Also if anyone has a story they wrote and would like it to be shared on YJ Cave, message me the link to your story and I'll happily add it to the fan fic stories I'll be recommending in the future! I encourage everyone to check out the authors' other stories and give them reviews on their fics :).

Fan Fics

1. "Feeling the Aster Yet?" written by alillokieRating: M (Mature)
SummaryInvestigating a drug lab Robin is captured. Quickly noticing his friends MIA Kidflash goes on the hunt. During the fight KF is exposed to the lastest creation Aphrodite's Tears. Still bound Robin is helpless against the effect it has on KF.
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2. "Wally and Rob's Video Game Moments" written by Pachowable. Rating: T (9+, Teen)
SummaryYou know that moment in a video game where you just freak out? Yeah, Wally and Robin tend to do that a lot. In the cave. With everyone around them. It gets awkward. It's a collection of Rob and Wally playing everybody's favorite games.
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3. "As if things weren't awkward enough around here" written by DavidxEmber. Rating: T (9+, Teen)
SummaryA series of one shots between YJ and the JL.
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4. "Maturity is In Those That Accept" written by unboundpen. Rating: K (Appropriate for all ages)
SummaryForced to bond, Clark and Conner make a bit of conversation. What Conner has to say surprises and shocks Clark into feeling guilty about his actions.
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  1. I don't know if I asked for this story to be premiered before, but thank you for posting another one of my stories! Thank you! Thank you!

    Just wanted to add in for "Feeling the Aster Yet" that there are currently 2 chapters out and the 3rd along the way very soon!

    1. Yeah you sent my an email about your story :).


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