January 18, 2012

Young Justice Podcast: New Episodes

Not Young, Just Us (The Young Justice Podcast) recently posted two new episodes, which is the "Holiday Episode" and "Episode #4". You can check out the podcast on John and Meg (the hosts)'s website, http://nerdcastnetwork.com/not-young-just-us-young-justice-podcast.html., or you can go to ITunes and join the podcast, or click the links on that I posted directly to the audio.

Holiday Episode: http://www.nerdcastnetwork.com/youngjustice/YJholiday11.mp3
John, Meg and Kris talk about Gift ideas for Young Justice fans, A retrospecitve on Young Justice and about Kris' show TheSirkShow247!

Episode #4: http://www.nerdcastnetwork.com/youngjustice/YJ4.mp3
John and Meg talk about Young Justice Secret Files and Origins, Young Justice (1998, Comic) #2-3, and Young Justice (2011, Comic) #4-5! Also John does a review of the 6in Superboy Action Figures! Also some Listener Feedback!

Send them feedback on what you think of their show!

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