January 16, 2012


"Look At That Sexy Thing" by DeviantART cosplayer ~AxelsPurpleRose. I really like this cosplay, especially the boots, Superboy loves his boots lol. Click here to see more cosplay photos from ~AxelsPurpleRose.

"YJ: Rebels" by DeviantART cosplayer ~chinasaur. This pic was the first time I saw a Zatanna cosplay and I love it! I would love to have the costume :). To see more cosplay pics from chinasaur click here.

"K.F. ready for my close up" by DeviantART cosplayer ~Rebeckalah. To me this is one of the best Kid Flash cosplays! Everything she has on looks great. To view more photos from ~Rebeckalah click here.

"Before and After alterations" by DeviantART cosplayer *saiyuki
-15. It's cool how she made the costume look like YJ's version of Robin! I would love to have an outfit like that. Click here to check out more cosplaying from *saiyuki!

"My Hero" by DeviantART cosplayer *carladawn. Green Arrow and Black Canary♥ Such a great cosplay photo! I never seen a GA and BC cosplay photo like this, so this is one of my favs. Click here to look at more pics from *carladawn.

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  1. I loved the first and the second ones! Superboy seems sexy, but I think that is just the costume!... lol! The Zatanna cosplay is beautiful, both girls are pretty!! XD


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