January 20, 2012

Who I Think Could Play The YJ Members!

I've been seeing people on the Internet post who they think could play the Young Justice characters in a live-action movie. And I wanted to join the fun, here is who I think could past as the characters! Let me know what you think about my choices and who do you think could play the awesome characters! :]

Dudley O'Shaughnessy
 Dudley O'Shaughnessy, to me, is a perfect chose to play Aqualad. He has the look and he can totally rock the Blond hair. Also he's super sexy ;]!


Nicholas Hoult
I think Nicholas Hoult could play Robin, he also has the same bone structure as Robin and seems like he could pull off Robin's confidence.

 Miss Martian

Bonnie Wright
Bonnie is a really good actress, she played Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter. I feel like she could play M'gann and she has similar features as M'gann too.

 Kid Flash
Xavier Samuels
 He most known for being in the Twilight films but I think Xavier Samuels could make a great Kid Flash. All he has to do is just dye his hair red.

Josh Hutcherson
Josh Hutcherson has been acting for a while now and he's mostly done roles were his character has an attitude problem, so I'm sure he can do Superboy/Conner some justice. Plus he's cute :).

Blake Lively
Not just anyone can act like Artemis, who can play being strong but insecure at the same time,that's why I pick Blake Lively, who's in Gossip Girl, as the actress who could be Artemis.


  1. I have to do a double take a the idea of Blake Lively. One: she's not Asian(race-bending is my big o no) Two: she was terrible as Carol Farris in GL so....

    But I do I your other choices. Dudley really looks like Kaldur

  2. Is there an actress that's Asian and White and resembles Artemis? I'm sure there is but I couldn't think of any actress like that.

  3. The only one I'm kinda iffy on is Lively. The actress wouldnt have to be a blonde. She could dye her hair or wear a wig. It doesn't really have to be spot on they just need to be good and stay true to the character

  4. That's true, changing the hair color or wearing a wig could work out.

  5. Interesting choices! I think I might've chosen someone a bit younger to play little Robin (since Nicholas is 22...) but he might be able to pull 13 off:)


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