January 22, 2012

Poll Results

I'm now taking submissions for Poll Questions, if you have a question that would be great to use in a Young Justice Poll on YJ Cave, email me the question and the answers to go with it :). Alright so the last questions were What Martian Species Do You Think M'gann Is? and Do You Think Aqualad Is A Good Leader? These are the results:

What Martian Species Do You Think M'gann Is?

White Martian won with 132 votes (85%)
Green Martian is last place with 23 votes (14%)

Do You Think Aquald Is A Good Leader?

Yes, he's one of the best is in first place with 79 votes (51%)
He's ok, he has his good and bad times came in second place with 66 votes (43%)
No, he should step down took last place with 8 votes (5%)

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