January 2, 2012

DC comics Tattoos

I was looking up pictures of superheros and I came across some tattoos of DC comic superheros. I couldn't find any Young Justice tattoos but I still wanted to share these pictures since I thought the tattoos looked cool.

Superhero Symbol Tattoo

Nightwing Tattoo

Comic version of Wonder Women Tattoo

Aqauman Tattoo

This tattoo goes all around the leg

Combo Tattoo

Green Lantern Tattoo

Robin Tattoo


  1. Ah, if I ever get a tattoo... well, now I know what I want ;P haha! They looked awesome!

  2. What cool Tattos!! My favorite is the Green Lantern one! Really pretty!!

  3. Stina,
    Ahaha remember when I told you I wanted to get a Harry Potter....I might want another one ahaha!

  4. Renan,
    That tattoo looks cool! My favorite is the Nightwing Tattoo and the combo tattoo.

  5. Wow, these tats are boss!
    The full around the leg batman/superman and the Wonderwoman are my faves. But who can deny how cute the Robin one is?


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