December 31, 2011

Young Justice: Fanfiction

To submit a fanfiction story email me at and add the link to the story. Hope everyone enjoys these fanfic recommendations and don't forget to leave a review to the author and check out their other stories. :]

1.) "Kid Flash's Blog" written by fanfiction writer Mikayla Burns.
Summary: Kid Flash gets boredm so he starts his own blog. Write a review so Kid Flash can answer!
This is the link to go to the story:

2.) "Admitting It Is The First Step" written by fanfiction writer beeftony.
Summary: Batman explains to Superboy why he shouldn't be so quick to leave his team behind.
Click the link to read the story:

3.) "DaddyBats Counseling Service" written by fanfiction writer ProtectorKorii.
Summary: Batman wasn't quite sure why, but somehow he had become the League's Counselor. Whenever one of them had a problem with their charge it was he they came to for advice. Luckily, Batman happens to give good advice.
Here is the link to the fanfic:

4.) "Punishment" written by fanfiction writer Blackshadow25.
Summary: What happens when Robin gets in trouble for normal things like running up the cell phone bill.
Tap the link to be directed to the "Punishment":

5.) "Drastic Measures" written by fanfiction writer janus-juan.
Summary: After the fight against the Injustice League, Wally starts to feel like he doesn't belong on the team. So, he decides to take a risk that could change his life forever.
Like to read the story? Then click the link:

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