December 19, 2011

YJ Trivia

  • Robin can understand French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Robin was named after his uncle, Rick.
  •  Kid Flash can speak English as well as some high school Latin.
  • Kid Flash became a superhero two years before his tour of the Hall of Justice.
  • Miss Martian was born into a liberal family on Mars.
  • Miss Martian's shape shifting allows her to heal faster than a human.
  • Miss Martian lived with her uncle until July.
  • Aqualad's  visibility of the tattoos is due to the fact that he dropped out of Sorcery school before progressing to an advanced level and with more advanced sorcerers the tattoos are only visible when used.
  • Aqualad's visible gills is a trait not shared by most Atlanteans from Poseidonis, but common among the residents of his hometown of Shayeris.
  • Aqualad has some fluency in Ancient Greek and Modern Greek.
  • Superboy knows French, Korean, Arabic, Russian, and other languages.
  • Since archery was Artemis' primary skill, she had admired Green Arrow and chose green as a costume color because of him.

(Info provided by wikia.)

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