December 3, 2011

Time for Cartoon Network to Hear From Us

So there's been a lot of feedback from angry Young Justice fans about Cartoon Network withholding any new episodes till 2012. To me it seems like CN just doesn't get how popular and promising Young Justice is. Yes I know episodes can't be aired all the time and I know there's going to be special programmings sometimes, but I always get the feeling that CN doesn't give as much attention to Young Justice as they do other shows they air, but on their website Young Justice was one of the top shows!

Anyways if Cartoon Network needs to be shown how Young Justice has a huge following (though they should freakin' know), I think it's time for us, Young Justice fans, to let it be know even more. My friend and Young Justice fan Kayla G. went to the Cartoon Network website and sent them a message on how she feels about Young Justice and what she thinks about them (Cartoon Network) keeping new episodes off air. Me and her have joked about doing that when the first hiatus (when there was no YJ for months) started but she actually did it a few days ago. I've been thinking about what she did and I truly think if we send Cartoon Network a message, maybe they'll finally give YJ the respect it deserves. I normally wouldn't be making a big deal out of this but I don't want Young Justice to get canceled one day just because CN thinks there's no fans for it! Also think about the producers of Young Justice, Greg W. and Brandon V., and the creative team....they put so much time into making Young Justice episodes and it's unfair that their work isn't shown. I do wonder how they feel about it.

So I encourage all Young Justice fans to let Cartoon Network know how much you enjoy Young Justice and you how want Cartoon Network to stop putting YJ last. If you would like to do that then click this link: There you'll be able to write out your thoughts.

Once you go to the website, under Choose A Category click Programming, then under Choose A Topic click Other Shows (Young Justice isn't even on their list!), then fill out the info and write your message.

I hope everyone can pass this around to other Young Justice fans and encourage them to leave a message too. Also I encourage fans who are international to do the same, though Cartoon Network may not be a network in your country, Cartoon Network is still the main network to air Young Justice and when they stop airing new episodes, no one gets to watch it.

Remember, to be respectful in your messages lol I don't want this to backfire and get CN angry cus tons of furious Young Justice fans are being rude. Just let them know how you feel.

I will be passing the message on my Twitter account and Facebook page and hopefully all of you can do the same <3 :) and let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas on supporting YJ share them!


  1. Krissy KrissDecember 03, 2011

    good job kendra we do need to make a stand for this show

  2. A Feedback from Germany is on their way :D

  3. Yay! Thanks so much Sariiix3 <3

  4. I'm gonna do my part here from Brazil! YJ 4ever *--*

  5. Thank you so much Renan!

  6. As soon as I saw this I posted my feedback! I think I sounded very professional. :) I am now gonna go poke y bro Wally to put his too. Maybe I could find out CNs address or whatever and I could get some of my nerdier friends to write a ton of letters?

  7. Thanks Liz! And your idea is epic!


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