December 2, 2011

Art for Young Justice fans

"Young Justice" created by DeviantART artist Hamano-Chiaki. I love the nail art! That takes some extreme patience lol. See more art from Hamano-Chiaki by clicking here. Plus she has more cool nail art <3.

"Young Justice - Family" by DevaintART artist ailea-in-slumberland. Aww, how sweet :]. I know a lot of Daddy Bats fans will love this ;). Check out more art from ailea-in-slumberland by clicking here.

"Bat Doll" made by DeviantART artist SilentScribeArchives. This art piece is nicely drawn, I really like the background and Bat Doll! Click here to look at more art from SilentScribeArchives!

 "Alive" created by DeviantART artist tehKawesome. This is one of my favorites! To me, this art piece has a lot of emotion ;] The art style is very nice <3. Want to view more art from tehKawesome? Click here!

"Chibis: KF pokes Robin" by DevaintART artist AkuNekobobo. This is so cute :] I love Young Justice chibis! And lol at KF and his poking stick. By clicking here everyone can see more art from AkuNekobobo :).

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