November 11, 2011

Young Justice Episode 17 "Disordered"




  1. Peppy MerlinNovember 12, 2011

    Nice!! Though a bit confusing!! Totally thought Conner Was FIT ( I know he's a cartoon )!!!!!!

    Overall Loved It Though!!!
    Thanks For Posting!!

    -Peppy Merlin

  2. Peppy Merlin,

    Your welcome :D I thought the episode was nice too.

  3. What I loved about this was them sitting down & privately talking as if in a therapy session. In the typical teenage fashion most are resistant & don't want to let their fears out which is so realistic to being a teen, I remember I was that way (still am).
    I don't know if Black Canary is qualified for this, but she's open minded & kind hearted which for a member of the JL makes her best choosen. I had to giggle at it, bc a thought popped into my head "they couldn't spring for a real psychiatrist?" They are super heros, but even as adults they take a lot of damage so who do they turn to?

    I was surprised at how open Robin & Caldr were. During the entire last ep. they kept themselves together the strongest yet inside they were suffering so much.
    I wonder can M'Gann actually turn into a white martian? I know when she was originally introduced she was part of that white minority & actually held resentment towards the green. She may have been devistated, but again I found humor in her releif to be caucasion.
    Wally, denial, still hilarious.
    Artemis has to be feeling inadiquate being as she was the 1st to die, but she's gotta let out that past. Super curious how a girl in a family full of bad-guys is a team member.
    Then they drop the bomb at the end...I expected Superboy not to sad about the JL dying, but when he said it was a relief to lose everyone including M'Gann. That is cold yet he wasn't born he was created. He hasn't had a childhood like Superman or anything. To just BE something & not knowing who you are besides a copy would make existing kind of confusing. In the comic book they've been producing at their camp-out he even says he dreams about "killing Superman". At least his guilt for feeling this way shows he's not a sociopath, right?

    What I was like wtf about...the sphere situation. Yeah, that was like...goofy as sh*t! Believable given their universe, but I'm watching the seriousness of therapy then Wolf riding in the front of the flying, giant motorcycle... The demi-gods were cool looking.
    They gotta have action in every ep. so it's okay, lol.


  4. Jo,

    I was shocked and pleased when Black Canary was their "therapist" :) The sessions were my favorite, I thought that's what made the episode good <3 aha yeah half of them didn't want to talk, while the other half was ready to share everything!

    Miss M is such a complex character and when I think I know I her, I end up being confused.

    Yeah I just think that SB is really focused on SM so sometimes those feelings can overtake. But because he has guilt I think he has a good heart and not a sociopath, he really cares for M'gann and his teammates!

    ahaha yeah the whole sphere thing and the new characters I felt was like comedy relief. lol I couldn't really take it serious! :p


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