November 11, 2011

Birthday Shout Out!

I would like to give a birthday shout out to Young Justice fan Juan M.! I found this awesome picture of Miss M. with a cake lol thought you would like that Juan :) Anyways I hope you have an awesome day, have fun,  and enjoy watching the new YJ episode on your birthday (lucky!) :] Once again Happy Birthday <3

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  1. :D Oh my god, this is awesome! Thank you Kendra for the shout-out; it's one of my favorite gifts of the day. Right next to the new Flash hoodie my mom got me from ebay (I can't wait to get it!). I love the picture you chose and that you made it look just like a Birthday card.

    Oh, and I will enjoy the episode. Episode 17 will hopefully be awesome. Guess I'll find out in 14 minutes. Speaking of YJ, there was this commercial about the new episode and it showed a scene with Kid Flash running at super speed in front of these cops in front of Mount Justice (or New York) and it was snowing. Then, KF asked "Where's Flash? Did you see him?" and then someone replied "Nope." Maybe it's going to be the Christmas episode or something. I hope there is one. I know the Halloween one is next week and I can't wait.


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