October 30, 2011

YJ Cave Updates

  • Added a Translate button (left side of the blog). I know that a lot of YJ Cave readers are from different countries and I thought it would be fair to get a translate button. All you have to do is click on the language you want and there you go :) If there is a language that is not on the translate button let me know and I'll add it.
  • I also added two more organization/causes to the "Become a Hero" page. Want a cause and/or organization that you like put on the page, let me know.
  • A new Young Justice website was added to "Other YJ Websites".
  • YJ Cave can now be easily viewed on mobile phones.
  • I'm currently making a Twitter and Facebook page for YJ Cave so everyone can get daily blog posts on their social media websites.


  1. Lol, I tried the translator. I was laughing so damn hard :) (These translator things always do an awful job when it comes to my language, mind you) Anyway, thanks for adding it, it was very thoughtful!
    The 'Become a Hero' page is really cool, guess it fits the principles of the whole 'superhero' thing nicely. Maybe you should add ICRC or maybe some local Red Cross organizations.

  2. Hango,

    What is your language? And your welcome :)

    Yeah I wanted to add a way to promote volunteering and I was like hmm how can I add it to the blog. Oh I will most def add those, thanks for sharing them with me :D

  3. GO YOU!!!!!!! you are officially a blog queen!!

  4. kaylagough,

    Aww thanks *blushes* lol but I'm nowhere near that, I still have a lot of work to do!

  5. Hungarian :) Yeah, that was a great idea, there's never enough opportunity to promote good causes.

  6. Hango,

    Oh that's so cool! Do you live in Hungray? and thanks you <3 :)

  7. I love the gray word background.

    Yay for mobile version!

  8. Well last time I checked I was living there :D Yay, new episode today (I mean tomorrow, for me :))

  9. zotsos,

    Thanks! It took me like a long time to make it ahaha I didn't know what to write :)

    I'm glad you like mobile version!

  10. Hango,

    Lol yeah I should of known that ;) And YJ doesn't come on till tomorrow for us too.


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