October 31, 2011

Justice League: 3 Pack Fun

Justice League: 3 Pack Fun is available to buy in stores or online. There three different CDs for Young Justice, Justice League: Unlimited Joining Forces, and Justice League: The Brave and The Bold.

Here is the description from the DVD publisher:

"Young Justice: Season 1, Vol.1" - Sidekicks Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artiemis prepare to join the Justice League until they realize that the grownups have no intention of making them equal partners. So they do what any gifted teens would do: team up to take down evil on their own terms. 

"Justice League: The Brave And The Bold" - Green Lantern and The Flash take on Gorilla Grodd, an evil genius primate with a mind-controlling device and a vendetta against humankind. The Lex Luthor assembles a mighty evildoer team to destroy the Justice League.

"Justice League Unlimited: Joining Forces - Season 1, Vol.2" - Three amazing adventures! In "For The Man Who Has Everything", Mongul surprises Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman at the Fortress of Solitude on Superman's birthday. The hero squad take on mighty android Amazo, seeking revenge against Lex Luthor in "The Return." Finally, "The Greatest Story Never Told" features Booster Gold, a glory-hunting hero from the future who finally gets knto the action and saves the day.. but he's the only one who knows it.

Languages: English, French and Spanish; Subtitles: English SDH (Subtitles for Deaf and Hearing Impaired), English, French and Spanish.

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