September 25, 2011

Young Justice FanFiction

1. “Wal man? Seriously?” written by FanFiction writer Rellow.
Summary: "You chat in an online chat-room right?" "Yeah." "You talk with someone called GrayRBW, right?" "...Yeah." "Well, you're looking right at him." "...What?" One-shot. KF/Rob friendship.
Here is the link to be able to read the story:

2. “The Scattering of Tall Trees” written by FanFiction writer Folle.
Summary: It's like he has a context now, a framework to place it in.
Click the link to read the story:

3. “Genetic” written by Fanfiction writer Clair-Rae.
Summary: The second worst thing in the world is seeing your mother cry. The worst thing, is making her cry. Artemis-centric. Hints of Wally/Artemis
If you would like to read the story here is the link:

4. “Movie Night” written by FanFiction writer 50-From-The-Shadows-51.
Summary: Batman has to skip out on movie night to go to a JL meeting at the Watchtower. Robin, being the kind person he is, decides to bring the movie to Batman. Hurrah for Pirates of the Caribbean fluff!
I posted the link so everyone can read it:

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