September 26, 2011

"Terrors" Review

Before I start my review on episode 11 "Terrors", if anyone hasn't seen it yet, down below I posted two videos of the episode or you can watch it on YouTube since I know some people don't get that show on their TVs because they live in a different country. :]

So I have to say that I defiantly enjoyed "Terrors" and I think it was a great "come-back" episode! I'll say it again, I'm so happy that Young Justice is back on air, I can now every Friday enjoy a great action-packed, hilarious, and entertaining show :)

Of course I have start off with Superboy and Miss Martian kissing....finally! Ok I know some people felt like they should take it slow but for me, I could just tell the whole kissing scene would be coming soon and you could just tell that they both had....passionate tension between each other lol. I will say that their first kiss was.....different ahaha. Poor Icicle Jr. thinking that they were really siblings kissing. I probably would of acted more shocked than he did if I witnessed that in real-life! But still I think Conner and M'gann are a cute couple. I do wonder where their relationship stands now, like are they going to be in a relationship or are they going to be awkward around each other? I guess in the future episodes we'll have to see.

I thought it was pretty hilarious that Conner and M'gann had to use accents! I never knew Conner was sooo good at it ;) He's a great actor and I kept laughing every time he used that "Pa" accent x) The only time I thought he would loose his disguise was when he and M'gann was in the therapy session and M'gann pissed him off because she tried to talk about his personal feelings. When Conner stood up and yelled, that's when I thought he would loose his disguise, but like a pro that he is, he kept that accent together. ;)

Speaking of therapy sessions, I had a feeling that the therapist was a bad guy, ever since the Warden introduced him. Something about him looked creepy, not that i'm saying creepy looking people are bad, but I could just tell something was up with him. I did get irritated when we found out that he was working for the "The Light" lol. Whatever, good always wins, so expect for his ass to be kicked sooner or later!

Another thing that I found entertaining was the "Bromance" between Conner and Icicle Jr. :) They totally could of been good friends, especially since they both related to each other when it came to their father issues.  For example when Icicle Jr. said, "....reeks when your dad is the man, ya know." and Conner replied, "Believe me, I know."

In this episode the fight scenes were awesome, though every episode has awesome fight scenes. I liked the way the writers and creative team told the story when it came to the fighting, they really had me focused and wondering what will happen next. Conner and M'gann really stepped up and took charge. M'gann became more tougher and Conner became more of a leader.

There are only two things that I would of loved to seen, and one of them is the other characters being shown. I miss Robin, Kid Flash, and Artemis. Aqualad did make a short appearance in the episode, I started to really enjoy Aqualad so I'm excited to see him in more episodes. Though I wanted to see the other characters I do know that every character can't be in every episodes because some need their story lines built more and etc. Next week's episode "Home Front" will focus on Robin and Artemis, so all the Robin and Artemis mega-fans should be happy :)

The other thing that I would of loved to see is Superman finally talking to Conner. I noticed Superman in the debriefing room when Batman was giving out the mission details and I really wanted SM to say something. Idk, their relationship is something I can't wait to see evolve and I hope it comes soon.

Overall I absolutely LOVED episode 11 "Terrors"!!!!! I congratulate the writers for writing fantastic dialogue and story-lines! This episode got me excited for this Friday's episode. Can't wait! :) Oh and in a few days I will post about episode 12 "Home Front" so be on the look out. ;)

What did you all think about episode 11 "Terrors"? Any likes and dislikes? Let us know by leaving a comment. :)


  1. Hi, good review, and great blog, thanks for running it!
    I think 'Terrors' is the best episode since the pilot. I'm also anticipating the next one tomorrow! Guess each will be better and better from now on.

  2. Hango,
    Thank you so much for the compliment! I truly appreciate it :)

    I think with Terrors it brought out the the fanatics in everyone lol! I'm super excited for tomorrow, I know the fight scenes will be beast ;)

    And I totally agree with you that each episode will be better!


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