September 6, 2011

Young Justice FanFiction!

I posted four fanfiction stories that I recommend reading, and I hope everyone is pleased by the readings like I was :) Oh, and if anyone has written a fanfiction story that they would love to get views on you can promote it on here! Just give me the story link, so everyone could be able to read it. To contact me, click on the "Contacting YJ Blogger" button.

1.) "Age Mixup" written by FanFiction writer alicat54.
Summary: What if the Heros were sidekicks and the Young Justice team their mentors? My answer, a seriously backwards bat family featuring Robin!Bruce and Dick!Batman. Also some snippets of the other age changed kids.
To view this story click the link to be redirected there:

2.) "Collide" written by FanFiction writer LaLaCat1.
Summary: Jason Todd finds himself in a Gotham strangely different from the place he calls home, and he's not happy about it. Now he must learn to deal with a Bruce that cares and a Dick Grayson that's only thirteen years old if he ever wants to make it home.
Click the link to be able to read the story:

3.) "The Center Cannot Hold" written by FanFiction writer This Fallen Shadow.
Summary: His father is back and everything around him seems to be crumbling before his eyes. Sequel to Things Fall Apart.
To read this story make sure to click the link, which I posted right here:

4.) "Being Stubborn Only Gets a Birdy so Far!" written by FanFiction writer Kristie Lynn.
Summary: When Robin, Dick Grayson, gets sick...he tries to be a tough guy about it...but everyone, especially Bruce Wayne, The Batman, knows that for a kid, even though he's part super-hero, a little T.L.C can go a long way.
If you would like to check it out, here is the link to the fanfiction story:

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