September 5, 2011

More Young Justice Trivia

I hope these trivia facts help people in whatever they are creating, especially the fans who write fanfiction! Here is another batch of trivia facts :) Did you all know about these?

  • Artemis' father is the one who taught Artemis how to use a bow and arrow.
  • In mainstream DC comics, Artemis Crock's father is the supervillain Sportsmaster.
  • As Nightwing, Robin's trademark weapons are his eskrima sticks. Robin is seen using eskrima sticks in the episode "Schooled".
  • Jesse McCartney voice actor for Robin, claims that Robin does not have a love interest.
  • This is one of the preeminent occasions where a team of teenage heroes included Dick Grayson, but did not have him leading the team from the start. In both comics and the Teen Titans cartoon, Dick Grayson has always been immediately tapped as team leader.
  • Wally knows how to perform CPR, as seen when he tried to save Kent Nelson's life.
  • Despite the fact that in Young Justice Wally gets bloody noses when attempting to vibrate his molecules through walls, in Wally's other animated appearances, he was able to vibrate his molecules right through a wall quite accurately.
  • Aqualad's father is revealed to be the Black Manta, Aquaman's arch-enemy, although Aqualad is currently unaware of this.
  • Interestingly enough, while J'onn J'onzz primary human form is African American, despite their family M'gann instead adopts a Caucasian appearance. This is probably due in large part to M'gann modeling her identity on Earth after the main character of Hello Megan rather than after J'onn's Earth identity.
  • When M'gann tries out for the Happy Harbor High School cheer leading squadron, she wears exactly the same cheer leading costume that the title character of Hello Megan wore in Superboy's memory during Bereft.


  1. For some reason I always assumed that Kal knew his dad was Manta. Learning knew things every dad.

  2. zotsos,
    I guess in the comics Kaldur knew who his dad was. I hope you enjoy the trivia :)


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