September 12, 2011

YJ CAVE's 6th month Anniversary!

I’m pretty ecstatic right now because today marks the 6th month that I started my blog, YJ CAVE! So today is YJ CAVE’s 6th month anniversary! ahaha, ok I know, I really shouldn’t say anniversary and I know 6th months may not be that long to some, but to me it is. For some reason it actually feels longer! lol.

When I started YJ CAVE I really never had a website/blog that I managed or really started before, so everything was new to me. I actually had wanted to start YJ CAVE way before March 12th, but I knew that Young Justice being apart of DC comics had a tons of loyal fans that would bite my head off if I messed up something Confused smileaha j/k. So after some planning I was ready to make a place on the web where Young Justice fans could come to check out the latest news, interviews, fan art, fanfiction, videos, and etc. And I hope I have provided just that. Everyday I try to post something that would entertain everyone, sometimes the things I post are interesting and sometimes I’m sure some posts just get looked over. But hey, at least I try Winking smile.

The funny thing is that I started the blog right around the time when Cartoon Network stopped showing new episodes….let me tell you how pissed I was. I kept thinking how in the world will I EVER keep this thing going when nothing new is coming out?! That’s why I turned to the other YJ fans for some help. With your guys’ help, I kept the posts coming. I would of never been able to do that with out you all. Because every YJ fan is so effin’ creative, I was able to post fanfiction stories, fan art, music videos, and etc. So I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Red heartAnd I truly appreciate everyone who has let me share their creations on YJ CAVE!

I must say we YJ fans have gone through a lot haha! But seriously I think we have! We’ve gone through months without knowing when new episodes would be showing or even if the show all together will come back but we kept strong and kept Young Justice alive! I’m sure the producers and creative team are extremely grateful for us, and if Aqualad, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Artemis, Robin, and Superboy were real, they would be proud of us. aha yes I went there lol.

I use to be really into Harry Potter and though I still am, I truly think Young Justice is the greatest fandom ever. Everyone is so nice, so willing to share info and other things, just because we love Young Justice and want to connect with each other!

Before all of this, before Young Justice (the animated show) and before my blog, I never in a million years thought I could be a blog writer and actually have people interested in something I created/manage. I'm use to not getting attention, I'm use to people not being interested in what I do. M'kay I'll stop writing about my personal life lol, but I can not even expressed the feelings that I feel when I log on everyday and see how many people viewed this blog and where they come from! YJ CAVE gets views from all over the world, some places I didn't even know existed (please excuse my little knowledge of geography!). And for the first time ever I feel connected with a wonderful group, Young Justice fans :)

I promise that I will keep on giving the latest news on Young Justice and making this blog even more entertaining! Like I always say, if you have any thoughts or suggestions let me know, this is community-fan based blog, everybody's opinions/thoughts/feelings are important! I hope YJ CAVE is really a great blog and I hope everyone enjoys it! :)

I would like to thank everyone YJ fan again! Thank you to everyone who has became a follower of the blog, thank you to everyone who has bookmarked it, thank to everyone who has spread the word about the blog, and thanks to everyone who visits YJ CAVE everyday or whenever you can visit! :) And I would also love to give a BIG thanks to my parents, Mistress of Robins, Red, Kayla G., Zotsos, and Sarah! ♥

Don't forget, new Young Justice episode this friday, WOOT WOOT! ;)

YJ Blogger!


  1. I love this site, honestly, so I'm glad you started it! Can't believe I got a mention. :) That's so awesome.

    I completely agree about this fandom. Everyone took the episode dry spell well...we didn't lose interest and kept trucking on.

  2. :) Aww thanks, that really makes me feel better! Aha of course I had to mention you, you really contribute a lot to the blog when you comment and stuff :)

    Yeah I'm totally shocked how good everyone took the no new episodes, shows how strong we are lol ;)


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