September 13, 2011

More Info on Mattel's new 4" YJ line

As I posted before, Mattel has come out with a second wave of new 4inch Young Justice figures. Mattel made sure to give it some time before they made new YJ figurines, and recently four more characters have been revealed. The 4inch models look very much like the characters, but if you would like your action figures to have more movement (the 4" do move, it's just limited.), then of course there's the 6inch figures that are available to buy :) Here are some promotion photos of the 4 new figures: Superboy, Black Canary, Captain Atom, and Vandal Savage!

Black Canary 4"

Superboy 4"

Captain Atom 4"

Vandal Savage 4"

Fight Scene

Black Canary kicking Superboy's ass ;)

What does everyone think of the new figures? Do you think they represent the characters well? Leave a comment letting everyone know :)


  1. Um...Captain Atom looks kind of inappropriate in that fight scene. lol.

  2. ahaha, I didn't even notice that! I wonder what the person was thinking when they made the fight scene....


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