August 17, 2011

Young Justice will air Septemeber 16th!!!!!

Yes the news is true, new episodes of Young Justice will air September 16th starting with episode 10 "Targets". I know every Young Justice fan is probably super excited because we had to at least wait for about 5/6 months for a new episode to be airing :) I want to give a big thanks to Young Justice fan Juan M. for pointing this information out to me! I started college two days ago, so I wasn't able to research stuff about YJ but thanks to Juan, I now know when YJ will start back up again!

Don't forget that Cartoon Network has changed the time slot of Young Justice, YJ will now be showing at 6:30 pm. But don't worry I will remind everyone as the day gets closer. Oh and I know that some of you Young Justice fans are also "Batman: The Brave and The Bold" fans and that also starts September 16th at 6:00pm!!!

Ok, I'm super excited and I can't wait :) I just keeping thinking "FINALLY!" lol. What are you all thinking? Let everyone know what your thoughts on are YJ now given an airing date by leaving a comment :)


  1. kaylagoughAugust 17, 2011

    hey is 6:30 pacific time? cause i think im two hours ahead of you.

  2. I'm so excited.:D

  3. hey kayla :)

    I looked it up and on CN it says 6:30/5:30C. I think C stands for central. But you can go on and check your local I sound news anchor "check your local listings..." haha.

  4. Yay! So nice to know that the wait is almost over! Of course I don't have cable so I have to wait for someone to put it up on youtube *sigh* hopefully I won't have to wait to long :)


  5. Hey Angelina,

    Lol don't worry I'm sure as soon as the episode airs tons of people will be posting it on YouTube especially since fans have been waiting FOREVER :)


  7. kaylagoughAugust 18, 2011

    oh, thanks Miss Super Cool YJ Blogger!! idk i think i was having a stupid day. of course i should have looked there!! thank heavens for my handy YJ news anchor... :D

  8. FINALLY! :D I'm sooooooooo excited to see what is going to happen now! I squealed unhealthily high when I found Targets online (you know that since stupid Norwegians don't air brilliant shows like YJ it's my only way of seeing it *sad face*).

    BUT, targets didn't include KF and Rob, which are my favourites, so I'm DYING to see them again! *huggles imaginaty KF & Robin blushies*

    Let's hope time passes fast! :D

    Oh and I'm soon going to write you a mail back -.-" I've been kind of busy but do not fear! I am not dead or have abandoned our pen-palling! :D Since you're starting college now I can imagine you'll be quite busy too! (: Good luck!

    - MoR

  9. YJInformerAugust 30, 2011

    Just so everyone knows, streams LIVE TV so you can watch it as it airs on cable on their site :) It's totally free (and virus free!)


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