August 18, 2011

Young Justice T-Shirts

Robin T-Shirt
Lately I've been wondering if any Young Justice t-shirts have been made because it is a popular show now and as the days go by it gets even more fans. I found this website: that sells Young Justice T-Shirts. I do think they mean Young Justice the comics but hey, it's still Young Justice :) The website is selling Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, and Wonder Girl t-shirts. The sizes range between Small - XXLarge. The prices start at $17.99 and up (the bigger the shirt, the higher the price). I think I will buy one, probably buy the Robin t-shirt because I already bought a Kid Flash/ Flash shirt :) If anyone is interested in buying the shirts here is the direct link to the shirts:


  1. So cute. I wish they made Young Justice plushies like the Funkco Justice League ones.

  2. Hey zot!,

    Yes it would totally be awesome if they made Young Justice plushies... I think I would have to buy all of them ;)

  3. This is awesome! I've wanted a YJ t-shirt so bad I resorted to making my own XD

    Although...I don't understand the one with the "Robin" symbol. I thought the "R" was different in the series, or is it just me? O.o

    Either way, still super pumped!! Can't wait!

  4. Hey YJCWFan,

    You made your own YJ shirt?! That's really awesome :) Do you have a pic of it? It would be great to show everyone!

    hmm....I think the Robin symbol is correct....idk, I guess I should check ;)

    And I'm excited too! Time to countdown the days :)


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