August 28, 2011

Young Justice comic issue #7 - Rabbit Holes

Young Justice issuse #7 -Rabbit Hole is avaible to buy. The summary for this issue is: When night descends on Gotham City, Artemis takes to the streets. Prowling the rooftops and the alleyways for the first time, this teen archer has a choice to make: Will she fight on the side of the angels or follow a darker path? You can buy this issue at your local comic book store or you can order it online, like (which is what i do). I'm very interested in buying this issue because the story line is suppose to dwell into Artemis' past....which i'm totally interested in learning. Is anyone thinking of buying this issue? Oh and if anyone is interested in the other comic issues, you can go to, which is a website that has all the Young Justice comic issues and their summaries.  Be on the look out for issue #8 ;)


  1. TheSparrowgirlAugust 28, 2011

    Oooo I'm super excited! On Amazon, did you get the magazine subscription for the comic?

  2. Hey TheSparrowgirl :)

    No I didn't get the subscription....I didn't even know I could sign up for that! Thanks for letting me know :) I'm glad you're excited!


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