August 31, 2011

Producer Greg Weisman's YJ updates

This is from Greg's website Ask Greg
101-109 have all aired.
110 was previewed at Comic-Con and will premiere on Cartoon Network on September 16th.
111-119 are also in the can, i.e. totally completed and ready for airing.
120-123 are all in post-production. Today we previewed the music for 120, and spotted the music for 121.
124-126 are still being animated.
201 is shipping to Korea at the end of the week.
202 is in timing.
203 is in storyboard clean-ups.
204 is waiting for board notes.
205-206 are in storyboard.
207 records tomorrow.
208-210 are all in script.
211-220 have been approved into production. Brandon Vietti, Kevin Hopps and myself spent the last week (including Saturday) breaking the last six episodes (one per day). We are pitching the arc of the season to DC, CN and WB this Wednesday. Assuming that goes well, we'll have our first writer's meeting to assign 211-214 on Thursday. I have beatsheets completed on 211-216. Have to write up the beatsheets for 217-220, but I've got all the beats on index cards, so it's just a matter of finding the time to transcribe them into a document.
That's it for now. See you all on the 16th of September!
Ask Greg is a website where fans can ask questions concerning the shows that Greg creates and produces. There has been enormous amount of Young Justice fans that have asked Greg questions and if anyone has a question about Young Justice go to the website and ask away! But make sure to read the guidelines. Here is the link to the website, Ask Greg,

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