August 30, 2011

Latest Polls Are Now Closed! New Polls Are Open For Voting!

The latest poll questions, "Who do you think is the snitch aka 'Rat' in Young Justice?" and "Do you think Young Justice should add another team member?", are closed now. It seems like everytime I post a new poll question the votes are getting higher, of course I'm super-duper happy for that because it means people actually read my blog LOL :) On the right hand side (like always) there is new poll questions that are ready to be voted on, I voted too already. Oh before I forget if you Young Justice fans have any questions that you think would make a great poll question, write it in the comment section and the next time I post new poll questions, I will use yours (of course I will give you credit!), I'm sure I'm not the only one with awesome questions swirling in my head about Young Justice :) M'kay I will now get to the results of the old poll questions:

For Who do you think is the snitch aka "Rat" in Young Justice....

Artemis came in first place with 76 votes (46%)
Miss Martian was voted in second place with 37 votes (22%)
No one on the team! took third place with 21 votes (12%)
Superboy is in fourth place with 19 votes (11%)
Aqualad is in fifth place with 6 votes (3%)
Kid Flash  came in sixth place with 3 votes (1%)
Robin is in last place with 2 votes (1%)

For Do you think Young Justice should add another team member....

Maybe, it all depends on the character/superhero won first place with 57 votes (49%)
No, six members are enough took second place with 30 votes (25%)
Yes, that would be great! is in last place with 29 votes (25%)

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