August 9, 2011

Polls now closed, New Polls are up for voting :)

Ayooo, the latest polls that I put up on the blog, "What is you favorite quote?" and "What do you want to see more of on the blog?" are now closed. And let me tell you, these two poll questions have gotten the most votes ever in the history of Young Justice: The Blog!(lol's only been 5 months since I started to blog lol). I want to say thanks to EVERYONE who has voted and I hope the poll questions are fun :) As always, if you look to right I have posted two new polls that are up for voting, oh and in case you all are wondering I vote too x) I always loved polls....anyways lol on to the latest poll results:

For What Is Your Favorite Quote?

"Why isn't anyone ever just whelmed?" took first place with 97 votes(54%)
"I hate it when he does that ninja thing." is in second place with 34 votes(18%)
"Whatever, Baywatch. I'm here to stay." third place with 25 votes(13%)
"Hello Megan!" is in fourth place with 12 votes(6%)
"I hate moneys!" took fifth place with 8 votes(4%)
"We did not come for a play date." took last place with 3 votes(1%)

For What Do You Want to See More of on the Blog?

Anything got the most votes with 31 votes(44%)
Fan Fiction is in second place with 18 votes(26%)
Art got third place with 10 votes(14%)
Music Videos ended up in fourth place with 5 votes(7%)
Cosplay Photos took fifth place with 4 votes(5%)
Reviews last place with one vote(1%)

( Don't forget to vote on the new polls!)

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