August 8, 2011

Fan Fiction

Have you written a fan fiction story about Young Justice? No matter what genre, romance, horror, humor, if you want to share it, then all you have to do is let me know! haha I feel like i'm selling a product...anyways :p I got some more fanfiction stories I recommend on reading :) I hope these stories entertain you all!!!

1.) "Home" written by writer Elisa Nataly.
Summary: Megan is missing her house, the home that she grew up in. Superboy isn't exactly understanding. Little Sweet One Shot featuring the aliens. 
The link to read the story:

2.) "My Heroes" written by writer zotSOS.
Summary: Artemis feels indebted to Green Arrow but Ollie promises not to make her into a charity case. After receiving the Gotham Academy scholarship, Artemis knows it's time to learn to say thank you to her hero but can't spit it out. Possibly Roy/Artemis later.
Click the link to read the story:

3.) "Mr. Fancy Pants" written by writer Angelina Aintithenniel.
Summary: Robin's reaction to Wally's new ringtone for him.
To read, click the link:

4.) "The Darknight's Daughter" written by writer XXXMariellaXXX.
Summary: Helena Wayne daughter of Bruce Wayne,Aka Batman.What happens when your dad's a hero and your mum was in league with Gotham's local psychopaths,raised in the slums for six years and the rest in a lap of luxury? One confused teenager.
Here is the link to the story:

5.) "Boy Talk" written by writer flowersun.
Summary: The day Wally confesses to Dick that he likes Artemis.
Want to read the story? Click the link:

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