August 13, 2011

Mattel Young Justice DC Classics 5.5" Robin Figure Review

This is a great review from YouTube user darthzara. His YouTube channel is: Check the video out to see if you would ever like to buy a Mattel Young Justice figurine. While I was watching the video, I totally agree with darthzara about Robin being too big. Everyone knows Robin is more lean in the animated show, he may have muscles but still lean. So maybe this version of Robin is suppose to be when he is older? I have no clue, either way though I still like the accessories that came with it :) Does anyone have an interest in buying the Robin figurine? Leave your reviews in the comment section! :)


  1. Oh great, now I want to get these... another thing has found its way onto my wish list... I used to be so good at saving money. That all ended when I got into the comic world.

    The figure looks pretty cool although I do agree that Robin is way too big. I was dissapointed that mattel did not do the same dimensions with the 6" Robin as they did with the 4" one. Oh well, I do ove the stand and computer!


  2. Hey Angelina :D

    Haha I want to start buying action figures but I have NO room for it, my bedroom is filled with little knick-knacks that there is little open space lol!

    I'm glad you agree that Robin is too big, I seriously don't know what Mattel was thinking.

    Do you collect figurines?

  3. I have been collecting figurines for a while, just not action figures. I play Dungeons and Dragons and as such have a large collection of miniatures, I also paint most of the figures that I get. I have the 4" mattel Batman, Robin, Aquaman, and Aqualad because my friends are awesome and each got me one for my birthday.

    What type of knick-knacks do you collect?


  4. Angelina,

    Oh what's the difference between figurines and action figures? I'm so new to that kind of thing x) You paint your figurines? That's interesting, do you give them a different color and such? Wow your friends are awesome, I would be soo happy if someone bought me just one character lol!

    Well I use to collect Harry Potter stuff and I have tons of books laying around. I also like to collect pens and notebooks :)

  5. Cool! I too collect books :) My house has 16 bookcases full of books. Three bookcases and eight boxes (we ran out of space for bookcases) are full of my books. I love to meet fellow book lovers :)

    As for the difference between figurines and action figures: there is a difference but, technicalities.

    Most of my minis come unpainted. I get to chose exactly how I wish them to look.

    What types of books do you read?

  6. Wow! Your house must look awesome! I l.o.v.e book cases. I have a small one in my living room and my dad just made me a book case for my room :)

    Oh ok I got what you mean. I always wondered the difference between the two.

    Thats cool that you get unpainted ones. Do you buy them online? And what kind of figurines do you like to collect?

    Well I like to read all kinds of books, I like fiction books based on young adult romance, science fiction, adventure, and I am currently reading a lot of non-fiction books.

    what kind of books do you like to read?

  7. Sadly most of the book cases are in the basement, but it is awesome to have so many :)

    As for the minis. I mainly collected hobbits and elves. At one point I had around 20 but I gifted most of them to my pastor who runs our D&D group. He has close to a thousand minis and I felt my collection would be put to better use there rather than gathering dust on my shelves. Here is a link to what I normally get and paint:

    You sound like a reader who will almost always be happy :) As for me: I like fantasy, adventure, historical novels, and classics (I am one of the few teenagers who reads Beowulf for fun).

    Who is your favourite author?


  8. Now that I remember I use to collect angel figurines and I use to have a lot but now I can only find one...i have no clue where the rest went lol. What is a D&D group?

    I checked out the website and all the figurines look really cool! It must be fun painting them :)

    Hahaha I sound like a reader who will almost always be happy? That is the first time I ever heard that, what do you mean?

    I use to read historical novels, I always liked the ones where the book was a character's diary. One of my favorite books is Jane Eyre, which is like a classic British novel. favorite would have to be J.K Rowling. I freakin' love her! Who is yours?

  9. I do hope you find more of your figurines :)

    D&D stands for dungeons and dragons. D&D is a table top roleplaying game. We use the minis to represent our character and the villains we fight. The minis are a lot of fun to paint but they take forever.

    What I mean by a reader who will almost always be happy is that your interest span a wide variety of genres and since you are willing to read both fiction and no-fiction you will almost always find a book that will interest you.

    I as well enjoyed Jane Erye. I much prefer it to Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice. It is a classic read and holds a spot on my classics bookcase.

    I enjoy reading J.K. Rowling as well. I own the entire Harry Potter series and all of the movies that have come out thus far (ok my dad owns those but I steal them from him). However my favourite author is J.R.R. Tolkien (I have a thing for Britis authors). Lord of the Rings is among my most treasured of books.

  10. Ohh ok, now I know what D&D means :) Do you play D&D with a lot of people or only a select few?

    Lol, sometimes it's hard for me to choose a book that I will like because I want to read everything all at once.

    I also like Pride and Prejudice :) I love the movie too, I watched it a lot of times.

    Do yo have all the Lord of the Rings movie? And I never read the book but I'm interested in starting the book!

  11. I don't know if other groups have large amounts of people but we usually have between four and eight poeple who show up for it.

    I have a hard time deciding which books I wish to read as well. The librarians at my local library all know me by name and my pile of books to check out is usually at least three feet tall.

    I have never seen the movie for Pride and Prejudice but I have heard that it is pretty good. I may have to watch it one of these days.

    I own all of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies (not a nerd at all lol). I would reccomend reading the book but I have also heard some people say it is a boring read (I cannot disagree more but to each their own).

    To completely change the subject: what got you in to Young Justice?


  12. Between four and eight is a good amount, and does everyone meet up at your church? Does your pastor play too?

    Hahaha, you remind me of matilda, have you ever seen that movie? Theres a scene where she is in the library and she's checking out tons of books :)

    Yeah Pride and Prejudice is good and funny :) Also there's a lot of famous British actors in the film too.

    lol me and you are both nerds :) Well, i'm a geek cus nerds get good grades and thats something i don't do ;) Well i think if i can read tons of long books then I'm sure Lord of the Rings will suit, plus I love fanasty and I thought the movies were good too :)

  13. Yeah we meet at my church and my pastor is actually the group's leader :) We play a christianized version of the game meaning that we take the standard rules and then play in our own world versus the campaigns of the D&D world.

    I love Matilda! Such a good movie! Though this is the first time I have been compared to her. I would love to be as smart and witty as that girl :)

    I shall have to watch Pride and Prejudice sometime. Maybe check it out next time I am at the library.

    Don't worry too much about the grades. I get okay grades but I have to study hard. I actually like school so I don't mind studying too much :)

    If you like fantasy and liked the movies than you should like the book. Though there are some places where the movie wasn't exactly true to the books.

  14. What is the christian version like? Is it less demons/villains?

    Haha yeah I always loved Matilda, actually it's one of my favorite movies since I was younger :) But I always wanted to go to a library and check out stacks of books, probably just cus of Matilda! But I keep losing my library that doesn't help lol

    I love learning but I hate school itself...idk why...ok well I do know why but still haha. I prefer to learn on my own, the only reason i even went to school (in my mind) was to see my friends!

  15. In the Christian version that we made up we go on quests for the One God and fight those whose oppose his will... standard christian fiction ideas.

    When you find your library card you should check out a stack of books, it really is quites fun :) Besides Matilda, what other movies do you like?

    I'm homeschooled so I don't see any friends but I also get to learn on my own (supervised of course).


  16. All right, now I know how the christian D&D version is played :) Have you ever played the "original" version?

    Well I of course like Harry Potter (1-8), Friday, Young Victoria, Princess Diaries, and Bridesmaids. I'm sure there is more but that is only what I can think of right now. What are your favorite movies?

    Oh whoa, your the second person I ever met that is/was home schooled! Lol I obviously went to public school. How do you like homeschooling? And do you meet your friends at church?

  17. I have never played the original version on D&D, but maybe one day I will.

    I live the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter (1-8), How to Train Your Dragon, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Sound of Music, Princess Diaries, Mary Poppins, and Mulan.

    I like being homeschooled but I have a lot of siblings so I always have someone else in my class. I meet up with friends at church and at work. What's it like to go to school?


  18. Well I never played D&D, so maybe one day I'll play that too :)

    Oh I also like How to Train Your Dragon, that was a good movie :)I loved Mulan as a child! Yay, we both like Princess Diaries...Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actresses.

    Have you always been home schooled? And how maybe siblings do you have? Well public school is different for each person. Some like it, some don't. I never liked school but I only enjoyed because I got to hang with my friends and work on my social skills LoL

  19. I really like Anne Hathaway but my favourite actress is Julie Andrews...

    I have been homeschooled my entire life along with my brothers. I have six siblings, all are boys and all of them are older than me.

    I've always wanted to go to school, even for a day, just to see what it's like.

  20. Ah now I know who you are, didn't we talk on and you told me your family was like the weasleys?

    Hmm, I know that schools have a thing where you can test it out for a day :) maybe you can ask your parents to let you do that. Why did your parents decide to homeschool you and your brothers?


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