August 14, 2011

Cosplay Pictures!

"YJ: Comic Universe Fail" by DeviantART artist Akusesu. Akusesu's DeviantART homepage link: Make sure to check out the other awesome cosplay photos Akusesu has done :)

"Hello Megan" by DeviantART artist Lolligag-Love. Want to see more epic cosplay photos from Lolligag-Love, here is the link to her DeviantART homepage:

"Youngdeadpool" by DeviantART artist deadbatteries. To see more cosplay from deadbatteries, go to her DeviantArt homepage: You'll get to see a lot of amazing photos!

"The Cold Hard Truth" by DeviantART artist AsraMarie. To view more brilliant cosplay photos from AsraMarie, visit her DeviantART homepage:

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