July 22, 2011

Young Justice DVD in stores now!

The Young Justice DVD
The Young Justice DVD (Season 1, Volume 1) released July 19th though I am writing about it now. I don't exactly know if the stores are selling it, I'm sure they are but when I looked on some stores' websites there was no results. So if your local video/store is not selling the DVD then you can order it online :) I check Amazon.com and they are selling the DVD and I'm sure other websites are too, though I prefer Amazon, especially since that's where I buy my textbooks. When i did some research on the DVD a couple of days ago, I read some reviews and some were good, some not so well. No one wrote bad about the episodes cus duh YJ ROCKS! But the complaint was the little amount of episodes and 4 Cd's. So 4 cd's for 9 episodes? Wow, that's a lot of scrap, couldn't there just be one cd? For me it's kind of hard to say if I will buy the DVD or not. The reason is because I can just wait for the whole season to be out on DVD, but then again I love YJ and I do want to watch the nine episodes, I get tired of watching them on YouTube lol. Plus I saw the commercial for the DVD on TV and the commercial was saying how there was four new episodes on it....I hope that's true, cus if so then the credit card is ready to be charged ;) Have you guys decided if you're going to buy the DVD or wait for the whole season 1?


  1. 4 discs for 9 episodes? Let's do the math- without the doubtful promise of extra episodes and bonus material.

    1 episode = 22 minutes on average.
    That means the DVD set has 198 minutes of material, which is 3 hours and 18 minutes spanned over 4 discs.

    To compare...
    Each disc in my Supernatural DVD collection has about 4 episodes each, and that is an hour-long show. So, one Supernatural DVD has more episode-material than the entire Young Justice Season 1 Volume 1.

    Wasted space? Eyop.

  2. Hiya Red,
    Yep a total waste of space! I think the big companies just wanted to make some money or see how many people buy the DVD.

  3. kaylagoughJuly 23, 2011

    Thats just saad. Completely excessive. but, you know, i bet they only released that now in order to help beat off the angry mob collecting at the studio...had to give us SOMEthing. lol. i hope the rest of the season will be worth the wait!! :P

  4. Kayla G.,
    Haha the studio probably did get scared of the huge mob outside their doors ;) But yes the rest of the season is hopefully worth the wait!

  5. LOL i bet the number of discs is used to fool people that there's a lot of episodes on 1 disc xD, had me fooled for second

  6. DSVII,
    I know right? I'm just going to wait till the "whole" season 1 comes out then I'll buy the DVD ;)


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