July 5, 2011

YJ Cosplay!

Anyone know where I can get green body paint? I would love to dress up like Miss Martian lol :)

"DC- Kon-El" by DeviantART artist Supreme-Airs. I love the shirt! I want one of those :) Here is the link to see more cosplay photos from Supreme-Airs: http://supreme-airs.deviantart.com/

"Young Justice: First Date" by DeviantART artist Reiyu-verse. This is a really awesome photo, I would love to have that hoodie! Fan art by KINOKO 19(http://kinoko19.deviantart.com/) and to see more from Reiyu-verse here is the link: http://reiyu-verse.deviantart.com/

"AKon 22 - Wally West" by DeviantART artist Gilarin. This is soo cool. He has the clothes, facial expression, and stance down pack! love it :) Here is the link to Gilarin's DeviantART homepage: http://gilarin.deviantart.com/

"Into the Distance" by DeviantART artist sweet-illuzions. This cosplay photo is great! I would of love to been there while they took the picture :) To view more of sweet-illuzions cosplay/art cllick the link: http://sweet-illuzions.deviantart.com/

"Conner Kent" by DeviantART artist Qemba. Another great Conner cosplay! Qemba did a verrryy good job! I love the eyes too :) Here is Qemba's DeviantART homepage link, so you can view more photos: http://qemba.deviantart.com/

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