July 6, 2011

New Young Justice episodes update

I've been looking around for any details about when a new Young Justice episode will be airing. Unfortunately i haven't found a specific date but I did read that Cartoon Network should be airing new episodes late summer, like around August. So keep your fingers cross that the show starts up in August. I really hope it does because I think we Young Justice fans have waited for a looonnnggg time. Cartoon Network should know by now how popular YJ has become and the ratings keep going up! It's a great show and I think the more it airs the more the fan base will get bigger. Another reason why I hope the new episodes air soon is because I'm worried that other fans will lose interest in the show, I really hope that everyone is still interested in YJ!!! I read online that Cartoon Network wants to see how popular Young Justice is and the way CN finds out is by the views on the Cartoon Network Young Justice homepage. So I encourage everyone to go on the website once in awhile and click on the links and videos, just to prove that we are still interested in Young Justice! I have posted the link to the website, it's on the right-hand side of the page in the section that says "Other Young Justice websites". So once again new episodes are suppose to show sometime in August.


  1. I've done my part~ I even posted on their little forum thing that asks who your favorite character was.
    My post was rather long and in-depth, so I'm curious to see if they'll allow it up on the thread.

  2. GREAT! Lol I hope they show your comment, cus I would love to read what you wrote. You should also encourage others to do what you did :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    I can't wait for a new episodes, but at the same time I just know we have to! T.T I truly hope CN has realised by now tha YJ is actually quite a popular show! I also hope all fans stay patient! :) Because if we don't we'll lose this perfect show!

    - MistressOfRobins

  4. Hey MoR!
    yeah I hope no more new episodes get leaked because I don't want CN to get mad and refuse to air any new episodes!


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