July 4, 2011

SPEED-Drawing Artemis (art video)

YouTube user TheBatgirl95, shows us how she draws Artemis and I think she does a wonderful job! I always find it awesome when people actually video tape themselves drawing a character so people like me (who can't draw to save their life lol) can learn :) Thanks TheBatgirl95! To see more of TheBatgirl95's video, visit her YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBatgirl95


  1. Again, this is not how you draw. You do not eyeball from a different picture. You do not just slap a head-shape onto the paper. You do not draw without using GUIDELINES.
    I want to strangle these kids who don't know how to build anatomy.

  2. You should make a video showing the RIGHT way how to draw the characters! :)


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