June 27, 2011

Young Justice Updates

I have summer school so I should be studying and doing my homework....but...i prefer to look updates on Young Justice ;) Here is what I found!:
The back cover of the
Young Justice DVD
  • The Young Justice comic book series is going strong! Sales are going up and readership is increasing. I really like the comic series and I'll probably buy the newest one tomorrow :)
  • Cartoon Network has revealed that the new episodes won't air until sometime in July, there is at least 15 more episodes for season one and I can't wait to watch them!
  • Cartoon Network has given Young Justice a new time slot, the show will now be airing at 6:00pm instead of 7:00pm on Fridays
  • Don't forget that the Young Justice, Season One, Volume One DVD will hit shelves July 19. Who is thinking about buying the DVD?
  • Season 2 is already in the works!
  • Season 2 is called Young Justice:Invasion, which is ten episodes.
  • It is rumored that a lot of new characters will be introduced in Season 2, also supposedly the Joker is going to appear and be responsible for two character deaths! Agh, that's going to be intense!

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